Our masks are workouts for your skin

Goodbye dark spots, sunspots, dullness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, acne scars, dark circles, inflammation, redness, irritation and sagging skin.

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Hello, dewy skin

Forget paper sheet masks–think naturally woven sheets of absorbent coconut fibers, the ultimate game changer for your healthiest skin.

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Delivering brighter habits

Get ready for the skincare subscription service we’ve all been waiting for, with the most advanced sheet masks out on the market. Give to your skin and watch it give back!

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Whether you’re new to sheet masking or are already a mask-aholic, our luxurious, one-of-a-kind masks are chock full of the best ingredients from nature and science to help you achieve heavenly skin like you’ve never seen before.

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Let's get glowing

Introducing Mask Moments, the premium, transformative skincare routine you’ve been dreaming of delivered straight to your door, because every occasion calls for great skin.

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Your best skin. ever.

Uncover your signature radiance with a first-of-its-kind, nutrient-packed sheet mask routine for velvety soft skin during all those big and little moments.

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  • COOLS, BRIGHTENS & LIFTS: Goodbye dark spots, sunspots, dullness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, acne scars, dark circles, inflammation, redness, irritation and sagging skin.
  • CLEAN & GREEN: No artificial fragrance or harsh chemicals. Cruelty-free. Safe for sensitive skin and the environment. Bio-degradable.
  • NEWEST generation of beauty face masks made of all natural coconut JELLY, 10x more absorbent than the average paper sheetmask
  • Patented blend of powerful botanical & fruit antioxidants and science-proven skin replenishing and restoring ingredients!
  • Like getting an easy and consistent home facial for less than your latte
  • Why people love Us

    OK. Just tried this mask. It's dope. SO DOPE. Really really awesome product. I honestly tried it thinking, 'Sure, why not.' And after trying it this is THE mask for me. 

    What is this?? I keep touching my skin because it’s never been this soft!

    After trying lots of different sheet masks with mixed results, putting on a Mask Moments mask was like a revelation! They feel good, smell great, and stay on my face like a second skin. As a busy working mom, it's hard to make the time to take care of myself, but this is so easy and so simple, I know I can sit back, relax, and be rewarded with softer, brighter skin.

    I tried last night, not realizing there were two protective sheets and complained that the fabric was too stiff. When I realized I was mistaken and saw the actual mask, I was amazed because I had never seen anything like this! It's amazing!! Makes me want to invest in this company!

    I have tried a number of different masks and I love this mask because the smell is not too strong, and the biocellulose really applies itself like a second layer of skin to my face. I also noticed that after 20 minutes, the mask was thinning which means all the goodness seeped into my skin. I loved how my skin was not feeling wet and shiny after mask removal, but just supple and moisturized. I can't wait to have better skin this winter!

    The masks are amazing and super high quality. The first time, I screwed up because I didn't know the mask was INSIDE the 2 protective layers, but after I got it right, it felt like heaven. Highly recommended, and the best part is that it's subscription so it becomes a part of a routine.

    How It Works

    Start for $1

    Try your first sheet mask for $1. Revel in a premium quality, luxury facial at home—  ($0 shipping &handling during the Christmas promotion!) and you’re set. Lovin’ your first mask moment? Keep them coming and choose a subscription plan for endlessly luscious skin!

    Keep them coming

    Your next shipment includes an array of the best coconut jelly sheet masks with formulas for Anti-Aging, Brightening, Calming and Deep Hydration. The more often you mask, the better the value, and shipping is always free.

    You are in control

    Upgrade, amend your mask delivery schedule, cancel, skip a month or add a concentrated plan for a special moment or just because, anytime.

    #Secondskin miracle mask

    A new coconut jelly mask that adheres to your skin perfectly.  Absorbs fully instead of leaving wet, serum sitting on top of your skin afterwards.

    No drip, no mess, no stickiness. 

    Watch the Before / After!

    Average Sheet Mask vs Mask Moments

    swipe bright

    Prepping for a special date? The You Had Me at Hello mask plan is calling your name.  Or maybe you’re stressin’ about an interview? Try Like a Boss or Stress Melt. Whatever the occasion, we’re here for you with the ultimate remedy: a much-needed, memorably soothing moment to yourself with a side of velvety skin.

    Need a Reason to Subscribe? We Got You.

    • Visible Results

      So maybe there’s no fountain of youth, but a good skincare routine is the next best thing! Our masks don’t just feel great, they put in #work, and the more you use them, the clearer your complexion. Packed with naturally-derived ingredients and developed with the most advanced skincare technology, our masks truly deliver supple, hydrated skin. See for yourself!

    • Convenient

      We bring the spa to you, whenever you want it. No more saving for a special occasion or scheduling expensive facial appointments—we’re delivering the freshest ingredients to you for around the clock hydration, in the comfort of your own home.

    • Luxe for Less

      You’ll never pay more than $5 for the ultimate, premium luxury  mask (even though our competitors charge 5 times as much on average!), because we believe that angelic skin should be attainable for everyone. And shipping? Always free. We eliminate the middleman so all the benefits of our cutting-edge bio-cellulose masks go straight from our labs to your pores.

    • Effortless

      Achieving a cherub-like complexion is easier than pretty much anything on your to-do list today. We’ve done all the hard work by engineering the most effective formulas that work while you wear—all you have to do is enjoy your mask moment. Fresh out the shower? Throw on a mask. While binging TV? There’s no better time. Getting ready for work? Perfect. We make caring for your skin an afterthought.

    Treat yourself on the regular

    You owe your skin, big time. With the scheduled delivery of your choice, we make investing in healthy skincare habits feel like less of a chore and more of a prize, thanks to our custom blend of botanical ingredients, innovative science, and woven coconut fibers. With a little sheet mask and a lot of moisture, there’ll be no hard feelings, just soft-feeling skin and smiley you.

    We Promise You

    No hidden costs. No hidden costs.
    Never locked in. Never locked in.
    Change your plan anytime. Change your plan anytime.