Skin-hugging coconut jelly mask with 10X more hydrating power

Upgrade your mask with the latest bio-cellulose technology: watch the mask become thinner as the serum transfers to the deepest layers of your skin!

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16+ Proven Active Ingredients

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Deepest Absorption

Biodegradable, breathable, anti-microbial, anti-inflammation masks made of the latest bio-cellulose technology ensures absorption 10x more effectively than your average paper masks!


No gimmicks to it: Our plans simply help you stick to a routine to keep your skin in optimal condition all year round.

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Did you think that masks were for special occasions? Think again! We took our cue from K-beauty pros who use hydrating masks to deeply moisturize their faces as regularly as they would drink water to hydrate their bodies. As an essential part of their daily skincare routine, many women mask daily! Results of a facial right at home, any time you wanted, as frequently as you wanted? Yes, please!

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OK. Just tried this mask. It's dope. SO DOPE. Really really awesome product. I honestly tried it thinking, 'Sure, why not.' And after trying it this is THE mask for me. 

What is this?? I keep touching my skin because it’s never been this soft!

After trying lots of different sheet masks with mixed results, putting on a Mask Moments mask was like a revelation! They feel good, smell great, and stay on my face like a second skin. As a busy working mom, it's hard to make the time to take care of myself, but this is so easy and so simple, I know I can sit back, relax, and be rewarded with softer, brighter skin.

I tried last night, not realizing there were two protective sheets and complained that the fabric was too stiff. When I realized I was mistaken and saw the actual mask, I was amazed because I had never seen anything like this! It's amazing!! Makes me want to invest in this company!

I have tried a number of different masks and I love this mask because the smell is not too strong, and the biocellulose really applies itself like a second layer of skin to my face. I also noticed that after 20 minutes, the mask was thinning which means all the goodness seeped into my skin. I loved how my skin was not feeling wet and shiny after mask removal, but just supple and moisturized. I can't wait to have better skin this winter!

The masks are amazing and super high quality. The first time, I screwed up because I didn't know the mask was INSIDE the 2 protective layers, but after I got it right, it felt like heaven. Highly recommended, and the best part is that it's subscription so it becomes a part of a routine.

Latest technology in skincare meets nature

Bio-cellulose is a naturally formed, bio-degradable fiber made from fermented coconut water that holds onto our custom botanical blend until it meets your skin. It is a breathable jelly material that is anti-microbial and promotes anti-inflammation. It releases our active ingredients to infuse your skin to lock in moisture and improve skin’s appearance and health.