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I like to try different sheet masks.. But is that good for my skin?

The simple answer here is- NO.  (I mean, it’s probably better than NOT masking.)  Your skin has a cycle of about a month, that generally follows the menstrual cycle but slows over time as it ages.  The cycle goes from dry to normal to oily/acne prone. (So be careful not to misdiagnose your skin based on the cycle.)  It is the process and time it takes as new skin cells are formed at the deepest layer of the epidermis and works its way to the surface. When it reaches maturity, it will ultimately flake off. It’s the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of skin that causes sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Trapped bacteria will cause blemishes, breakouts and discolored and irregular cells can cause spots or discoloration and melanin is overproduced. 

So if you really want to take advantage of your products, the key is to give it AT LEAST one full cycle to see whether it is right for you. Jumping from brand to brand can over sensitize you skin causing it to flare up and make your skin more sensitive and less tolerant. Our protective outer layer (the epidermal lipid barrier) grows weaker as we age, and it becomes less efficient at blocking out irritants. It can become highly prone to reactions such as redness and allergies. Anything from over exfoliation, improper product use, pollution, weather, diet, to excess sun can cause your skin to react, and jumping from brand to brand can worsen this!

Take a look at the chart that shows how long it takes for the most popular ingredients to show results. You’ve heard this before, but the key when trying new products is PATIENCE.  


The great thing about Mask Moments is that we offer all the types of mask you need in each cycle, so you can address your skin needs as fit and stay within one brand line. Get on a subscription to help you stay consistent and sticking to a routine.  The anti-inflammatory coconut masks will help keep the flare ups down too!

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