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What the Beauty Industry Doesn't Want You to Know: Am I getting my money's worth??

What the Beauty Industry Doesn't Want You to Know: Am I getting my money's worth??

What are you getting for you money?

I met with YouTuber, Euniunni to film some of the questions she had about sheet masks.  The full video is here and on our Youtube channel but we also broke down the points to share with you on our blog.  

(Beware: We get really nerdy about skincare and sheet masks here ,so these sections are for all your skincare geeks!)

The first point we addressed was PRICE.

          What goes into the price of the sheet mask?

          Am I really getting my money’s worth? 

           Why do the costs differ from all those sheet masks when they seem to be the same?

Did you know that although most people think the price of sheet mask is determined by the serum, it’s actually more affected by the sheet itself?!  The reason is that the vehicle that carries and delivers the ampoule is more important for absorption and when done right, costs more than the essence. That’s because the serum is proportioned out into small amounts per mask. This is why it’s possible to have high quality ampoule in your sheet masks, because if we were to buy a bottle of just the serum, we may not be able to dish out the money for it as often. 

So a lot of people ask then- is it necessary to have a sheet?  The answer is a DEFINITE Y-E-S! In short, the layer of the masks help with absorption.  However, the amount of absorption and effectiveness depends on the KIND of sheet, as we mentioned before. 

You’ve definitely seen the $1-$2 masks, and they are ALWAYS made of some sort of cloth or fabric that’s basically a paper. The more expensive masks are made of jellied serum called hydrogel and the highest quality that is most effective, newest technology is bio-cellulose like Mask Moments, that are naturally healing for the deepest absorption.  For more info on the different sheets, check out this chart in this blog.

Given the following information so far, the quality of the product justifies the price we pay-  the kind of sheet and serum used- and most of the time, we’re happy to pay for quality. Unfortunately, most of the big brands we are familiar with have mark ups that come from fancy packaging, brand mark ups and retail (store) mark ups that can be upwards of 80%!  (See video for more details) That’s why private brands (brands made by the retailer itself) are often marked at a cheaper price than brand names.

The way around that?  Look for direct to consumer brands like Mask Moments that make sure your money goes to the product instead of middle man costs. 

Stay tuned for more questions and secrets behind the beauty industry.  See the full video.  

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