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Star Ingredients: 4 Pillars of Antiaging

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We live in a world of modern science where we KNOW what the well-researched examples of skin-restoring and skin-replenishing ingredients are. One of the most FAQs I get is, “What ingredients should I look for in my beauty products?”

To help you, we came up with the 4 Pillars of Anti-Aging. These are the 4 As, to help you remember.


Not only great in food, anti-oxidants are a MUST in skin health too.  They help create a barrier and fight environmental toxins that cause aging. Natural or chemical, each anti-oxidant works in different pathways so it’s important to have a potent MIX of them. You can’t get enough of these powerful guys nor start young enough! Our masks include coconut, pomegranate, fig, ginkgo biloba, white mulberry, raspberry ketones, aloe.. and MORE! Look for anti-oxidants in the ingredients of your entire beauty routine!


Did you know more than 40% of facials focus on calming inflammation? From  pollutants to stress, inflammatory triggers from our lifestyle and environment IRRITATE our skin.  It shows as blotchy redness, early signs of aging, uneven hyperpigmentation spots, breakouts and dry skin! Inflammation causes our skin’s collagen and elastin to break down at a faster rate and cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear earlier due to a weakened moisture barrier.  Focus on relieving and CALMING inflammation regularly in your skin routine! Mask Moments coconut jelly is naturally healing and cooling, calming your skin!


It’s all about KEEPING your skin hydrated, CONSTANTLY. Think of it like drinking water: just because you drank 8 cups yesterday does not mean you shouldn’t be drinking water the next day. Your skincare routine is like that. If you want that glass skin glow, infuse your skin with hydration with routine #MaskMoments. Women in Asia mask DAILY! With ongoing use, skin-replenishing ingredients in our masks help skin resist moisture loss and maintain an enviably smooth, plump appearance!

4. ANTIAGING Ingredients

We live a world of modern science where we KNOW what the well-researched examples of skin-restoring and skin-replenishing ingredients are. So here’s your #cheatsheet: so you know what to look for in #skincare products: niacinamide, peptides, adenosine, hyaluronic acid/sodium hyaluronate, ceramides, glycerin.  (P.S. Yes, all in our masks!) These ingredients can improve dull skin tone and rough texture, soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, give you radiance, firmness and an even-looking complexion! 

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How to Treat Sensitive Skin

How to Treat Sensitive Skin

How many of you struggle with sensitive skin?

While some people really do have hyper-sensitive skin with visible reactions to certain ingredients, the truth is, we should ALL be treating our skin as if we are the “sensitive” type.  If you don’t have sensitive skin now, chances are, your skin will grow to become more sensitive as you age. Unfortunately, it’s just part of the aging process as our bodies, including our skin, grow less tolerant.  That’s another way of saying that we ALL need to be treating our skin as gently as possible, ALWAYS.  

This is why everyone, at one point or another, will experience “sensitive” skin, because irritated skin is INFLAMED skin.  Over 40% of people who come in for facials have some sort of skin inflammation, and our skin also goes through 30 day cycles with periods of inflamed skin. There are two types of skin inflammation: acute and chronic. The difference is how long the inflammation lasts and anything over six weeks can be considered chronic, like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. But acute inflammation includes acne, sunburn, allergic reactions and redness or bumps.  Who HASN’T been there? Translation: we ALL deal with inflammation (sensitive skin) and need to treat our skin accordingly.

This explains why most beauty products for sensitive skin include ingredients that help soothe, relieve and calm irritation.   Personally, my skin develops rash-like bumps when irritated. My solution to treat inflamed skin? Mask Moments, of course! The coconut jelly is naturally healing and the biocellulose sheet our masks are made of has been known to treat burn wounds in the past. Although all of our masks are made with coconut jelly to relieve inflammation, our Calming mask is especially formulated for irritated periods of our skin cycle. An example of this is when our skin breaks out.  Clients ask me about what sheet mask they should use for acne, and I always point them to the Mask Moments Calming mask. A tip on how to use this: leave the sheet on your skin until it is FULLY absorbed (can be anywhere from 30- 50 minutes, depending on the condition of your skin.) You will see that the sheet will thin out in the places of your skin that needs the most treatment. And as always, don’t forget to moisturize afterwards to seal in all the good stuff!


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