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How do I incorporate what the luxury skincare programs do for home beauty care?

How do I incorporate what the luxury skincare programs do for home beauty care?

Review of High End #Facial at Aesop

We’re always striving to learn more about skincare best practice to incorporate Mask Moments.  This time, I went to check out Aesop’s top-notch #facial program.  

Aesop has only one #skincare facility in the 8 countries where the retailer offers this service and in Korea, it is at #AesopSoundsHannam.


A very pleasant and qualified #skintherapist escorts your into an exclusive space on the second floor and will discuss your skin needs over warm, herbal tea.


I love their ceramics and the quotes. Every country has a different quote and the one chosen for Korea is: 

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” Franz Kafka. Love it!


#Aesop is a thoughtful brand in the way they prioritize including philosophy, aesthetics and a luxury experience in all they do. That’s what stood out to me about this facial treatment. I mean, look at this room!

It was like being in a 5 star hotel. Aesop is every designer’s dream and it shows from their clever font (a modern sans-serif that looks and has the gravity of serif, for all you design nerds!) in the interior of every one of their retail fronts. Their intentional designs are very much part of their identity and they do a good job of conveying this brand experience in their facial program.  This heavenly skincare bed not only automatically inclines/declines (not to mention how plush it was), the kind aesthetician even tucked me in from head to toe (aaahhh)! Their towels, linens, sheet, being in the bathroom and changing station- all of it is part of the 5-star luxury hotel experience, fitting their brand positioning and the price tag.

Another huge component of the program Aesop’s signature #AROMATHERAPY. If you’ve ever used their hand soaps in so many hip restaurants in major cities, you will be familiar with their heavenly herbal/earthy/nature-recalling rejuvenating aroma that helps you destress and distinctly “Aesop.” Every product that is utilized as part of the facial is an Aesop product -and they use plenty of it, making you feel spoiled. 


The break down of the facial itself is in line with most facials and multi-step skincare routines.  At each step, Aesop uses their own line of products appropriate for your skin.

 1. Make up removal and first cleansing.

(Here, once my skin was clean, the esthetician observed my skin and we collectively decided that the DETOX facial would be best suited for my skin’s needs at the moment.)

2. Deep cleansing

(Second cleansing/ Exfoliation)

3. Manual technique

(where they use a facial massage technique and apply nourishing serums). This facial program also includes a head massage! (#Fave)

4. Mask

This is where all the skin restoration products are used and expected to soak deeply into your skin. They use a concoction of their products based on your skin needs and warm it to make it extra indulgent!

5. Top off with finishing layers of hydrators and moisturizers.

When it comes to products, I give most attention to what’s being used to restore and hydrate- the actual elixir of nutrients that will rejuvenate my skin (normally this is the “main event” step in your skincare routine typically best worth your investment).  In this program, the product that stood out to me the most was:

 “B triple C Facial Balancing Gel” that includes both Vitamin B and Vitamin C. This product was unique in it honey-like consistency and texture but without the stickiness. It’s almost obviously that I would choose this product because it includes ingredients key to skin and therefore we’ve also included in Mask Moments.  You can’t have enough when it comes to anti-oxidants!  I would use this product in the serum step of your skincare routine, before or after the Mask Moments coconut jelly sheet mask but before sealing it all in with a moisturizer.  

Getting one of these facials is fabulous but only lasts a few days at best. As you know #Skincare is all about consistent #maintenance, friends. 

We can’t always afford the money or the time for frequent #facials, but that is why we created Mask Moments-  so you can have salon quality facial results right at home, any time you want!

Try it for $1 today 

Not All Sheet Masks Are Created Equal

Not All Sheet Masks Are Created Equal

For those of you curious about the history and development of sheet masks, here's a little handy chart that shows you the different between the older generation masks and the most advanced technology of masks today.  

In summary, the oldest generation of masks are those made of some sort of microfiber- the ones you are most familiar with and sold in drug stores.  The second generation masks are gelled serums called, hydrogels.  

The newest developed material used for Mask Moments, are called bio-cellulose.  They are all natural, made of fermented coconut water and are therefore biodegradable. These work very differently from the previous generation masks, as they hold the serum in the body of the mask and work to transfer the serum to dry skin.  As they transfer the nutrients, the material thins. You'll find that the part of the mask on drier parts of your skin will thin out faster. Using nano bio-cellulose technology, these sheets can hold up to twenty times their body weight and help skin absorb nutrients ten times better than the microfiber masks.   

Fact: These sheets were originally used to treat burn patients, because they had the ability to cool skin, facilitate restoration, and molded well to contours.  They are also compatible with sensitive skin, as they are an all natural material. 

Because of their effectiveness, the effective biocellulose masks are the most expensive.  Lucky for you, Mask Moments sells the masks directly to the consumer without the middle man, brand, or retail mark ups (that charge up to 80%!) so that luxury beauty can be made available to all. 

Mask Moments Masks

Jam-packed with vitamins B, C, proteins, peptides and amino acids, our coconut bio-cellulose masks put paper masks to shame with their soothing, porous structures and state-of-the-art technology. 

Developed with the goal of utmost absorption, these little guys feel light as a feather, but hold 20 times their dry weight, allowing for the highest volume of nutrients, like those from licorice root and lavender, to be transferred from each delicate fiber directly to your skin. Where topical moisturizers evaporate into thin air, our masks seep deep into your pores, making themselves at home and your skin, buttery soft. What’s more, our masks are made with zero artificial fragrances, so you can inhale all the heavenliness without a care. 

Yep, we’re basically quenching your skin with scientific superpower technology and a whole lot of naturally-derived goodness—think essentials oils made from ingredients like Mexican juniper and skin restoring agents like sodium hyaluronate. Thoughtfully crafted to cool, lift, moisturize and more, our masks combine a variety of expert-recommended ingredients into one magical, wearable potion.

You have to try it to know it.  I challenge you to try Mask Moments for a week. Your skin will be transformed!  Best recommended to be used routinely. Because masking should be like brushing teeth.


Try it for $1 



The ONE Thing You Need in Your Beauty Arsenal

The ONE Thing You Need in Your Beauty Arsenal

I've lived in Asia for five years now, and the one question I get asked most consistently State-side is, "What's the latest and greatest in Korean skincare?"

There's no secret: the truth is prioritizing skin health. Many Korean women are devoted in their commitment to skin care, and quite honestly, it's awe inspiring. Skin health is not magic -- it's just consistency in good habits, like drinking enough water, sleeping, eating well, exercising, cleansing, and of course, moisturizing—frequently! In fact, my response to that big question has come down to, "“Just don’t give your skin a chance to dry up... especially when you’re in a dry environment, like on a plane!" I'll typically follow that statement by handing out a sheet mask (yes, I carry them around). Why, you ask? Sheet masks are portable, effortless, and simply effective! I have personally found that frequent, regular use of face masks delivers visible results, and I found myself on a constant hunt to find the best.